Is the Online Booty call Good for You?

Now, keep in mind that the ability to go on such a date is different from the related question of "should you" go out on such a date like the the chick you can see here. Well, I’m going to leave up to you the question of "why." I’m just going to focus on the question of how. Here’s how you do it.

Pick the Right Platform

If you’re into flat-chested Asian chicks that have dark skin, then focus on websites that cater to those types of chicks. You don’t show up at a website that features only Spanish speaking women or women from Sweden or Norway. Do you see where I’m coming from?

A little bit of demographic targeting can increase your chances of success. How? Well, if you noticed that a lot of the chicks in that particular site are your type, then you are more passionate. You have the fire in the belly that you need to say whatever you need to say, do whatever you need to do, to take care of business.

Unfortunately, you’re not going to have that level of passion if you show up at a website where chicks that meet your type are few and far between. I hope this makes sense to you because if you’re unclear on this, you probably are going to pick the wrong platform and end up being disappointed. No free booty call for you.

Use the Right Volume Approach

Make no mistake about it, in the world of Tinder, it’s all about volume. So whether you have a hunchback or you have a face that looks like a lunar landing site, it doesn’t matter. You have to have a fucking profile with a picture.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you’re going to drive away chicks like flies being driven away from a pile of shit. Don’t be surprised by the fact that guys who are uglier than you end up fucking a lot more chicks. Seriously. It might seem improbable, but it happens all the time. Why? The use the right volume approach.